About Babysitters' Club
Who is standing behind Babysitters’ Club?
Standing behind Babysitters’ Club is an excellent administrative team, including its original founders. We make sure that all of our Sitters are up-to-date on their trainings, on our protocol, and on new developments.
Moreover, we are always available to check for Family satisfaction and Sitter satisfaction. Therefore, support is always available to both the Family and the Sitter during every step of our service. We will always be your safety net, making you feel carefree.
What is Babysitters’ Club protocol?
Responsible childcare and a professional relationship with our clients require following certain rules. We strive for a service which is specially adapted to each Family' s needs : to ensure a safe and secure service, we have created a series of processes which are structured, simple, and transparent . It is precisely these processes which we call our Babysitters ' Club Protocol.

Some examples of what is included in our Protocol are: Reports completed about every Family, specifying their particular needs and requests, the punctuality of our Sitters, respecting every Family' s unique parenting techniques, transparency in terms of payment, and more . Our Protocol has proven to be a successful way of ensuring quality, simplicity, and uniformity across all aspects of our services .
Is our personal family information protected?
All of your family information and contact information is 100% secure. Your address, phone number, and children’s names will only be shared with your Sitter and with the administrative team at Babysitters’ Club. Moreover, Sitters are instructed not to take pictures of your children, or to share them with others or on social media, unless you previously approve of this. If you have any additional requests which will make you feel more comfortable with our services, we will absolutely abide by them. We realize the importance of your Family’s privacy, and we will do whatever is necessary to respect this.
How do you maintain the quality of your service?
Not only do our Sitters go through a vigorous interview and training process (including an initial screening, language check, Babysitter Training, and First Aid Training), we also offer ongoing professional development to our team members, with the goal of constantly helping them to improve on their childcare.
Such workshops cover themes like cooking for children, animation activities, dealing with discipline, and how to track a child’s development based on their age group. We also regularly send out additional ideas to our team members on games that the children may enjoy, or activities throughout Belgrade which could be interesting to take the children to.
How do you track Family and Sitter satisfaction?
Our state-of-the-art app makes sure that your satisfaction is our top priority!
Every time a new Sitter comes to your home, you will be asked to rate your experience, and the Sitter will do the same. This way, we can make sure that everyone is happy with the match.
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Sitter, we will react immediately by sending you someone new the next time you use our services.
We take complaints very seriously and believe that every form of feedback is a great way to improve our service. Please do not hesitate to be completely honest and transparent with us, as this is the only way we can continue to provide the highest quality childcare service possible.
What are your working hours?
Our babysitting service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Our current clients can schedule shifts quickly and directly through our App available for both Android and iPhone users, whereas other inquiries are best to be submitted via e-mail at babysitters.club@outlook.com or via our contact form on the website. For new clients who wish to start using our services, our administrative team is available for consultations Monday - Friday, 9am - 9pm. Although we may not be able to answer your phone call immediately, we will always call you back as soon as possible. We understand that life with children can be unpredictable and that even last-minute emergencies can occur, so we are always available to help you out.
About babysitters and nannies
Who are BC’s Sitters and Nannies?
Our team is made up of qualified and enthusiastic individuals whom your children will love to spend time with. All of our Sitters and Nannies are over the age of 18, and most are younger than 35. They all have relevant experience (either professional or personal) in taking care of children of various ages. On top of that, they have all had background and psychological checks, language checks, and have received both Babysitter Training and First Aid Training. They all follow our internal protocol – so no matter which Sitter comes to your home, our service is the same.
We work hard to find hands-on and self-initiating Sitters; always ready to come up with fun activities, which nurture your children's bodies and minds .
Is there difference between a Sitter and a Nanny?
We offer two types of babysitting services to our Families – Part time and Full time. Therefore, we have Sitters – those available to work part time/occasionally - and they are usually students, people with other part time jobs, moms who want occasional work, etc. On the other hand, we have Nannies – those looking for full time jobs, ready to work 8+ hours per day at one family at a time. To find out which childcare option is ideal for your family, we can offer a Free Consultation in person, on the phone or via email.
How are BC Sitters and Nannies selected?
Sitters and Nannies go through an extensive interview and training process before they can become a member of our team. After our initial interview, they undergo a language check, background and psychological checks, and go through our internal Babysitter Training, as well as First Aid Training. We also look for Sitters and Nannies who fit in with the rest of our team: a genuine love of children, open-mindedness of different cultures and parenting strategies, and whose goals are to spend high-quality time with your children, no matter their age or stage of development.
How many Sitters and Nannies are in your team?
Our team currently consists of over 200 highly-qualified and energetic part time Sitters and full-time Nannies. Since demand for our childcare service is constantly growing, so is our number of our team members.

However, we are persistent in maintaining a personal approach, insofar as we personally know all of our Sitters and Nannies – not only on a professional level (their availability, skills, and experience), but also on a personal level (what their hobbies and interests are, what kind of personalities they have). Therefore, we try our best to match each Family with their ideal caregiver.
Which languages do the Sitters and Nannies speak?
All of our Sitters and Nannies are required to speak English, although most are Serbian native speakers. On top of this, many Sitters speak an additional language. On our team, we currently have Sitters who can also speak French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Arabic, and more! However, it is important to note that, if you require a Sitter in a language other than Serbian or English, we cannot guarantee their availability. Regardless, please do not hesitate to tell us your Family’s home language and to inform us about your language preference and we’ll try our best to fulfill your needs.
What are the Sitters' duties while working?
The main responsibility of our Sitters is to ensure the well-being of your children and everything related to taking care of them. This can include picking them up or dropping them off at school or nursery, feeding them a meal or snack, preparing light meals, changing diapers if required, changing clothes when dirty and putting them in the dirty laundry, tidying up children’s bedrooms if a mess is made during their shift (ideally with help from the children!), putting away dirty dishes from the kids after they have eaten, as well as taking them outside to play, to the park, and to various events around Belgrade. Sitters can also help supervise children with their homework, to make sure it is done on time.
In the case of part-time Sitting, our Sitters are NOT required to do housework (such as cleaning of bathrooms, deep-cleaning of kitchens, vacuuming, ironing), to cook elaborate meals for the whole family, to do grocery shopping or to run other errands, to tutor the children in a school subject, or to take care of Family pets (taking the dog out for a walk, changing the cat’s kitty litter).
If you have any questions about what is and what is not required from our Sitters, please do not hesitate to mention them during your First Consultation with us, and we would be happy to address any issue that is unclear to you.
Are household chores included in the service?
Our Sitters are focused on spending quality time with your children in a fun, safe, and fulfilling way. Therefore, they are not required to spend time on housework, cooking, and running errands. If additional work is something you require, please mention this to us during your Free Consultation, so that we can recommend the best option to you for your needs.
However, if you have decided to employ a full-time Nanny, the Family decides what her job requirements are, and can choose to include additional responsibilities such as these (of course, with our help). If additional work is something you require, please mention this to us during your Free Consultation, so that we can recommend the best option to you for your needs.
Are your Sitters and Nannies active drivers?
Although some of our Sitters and Nannies are active drivers with their own cars, many do not have driver’s licenses, and some which have them do not feel comfortable in driving children and/or using your car.
If you require your Sitter or Nanny to be an active driver, please keep in mind that gas costs (if the Sitter is using her own car), and incidental responsibilities (such as insurance, possibility of accidents), are the Family’s responsibility.
However, all of our Sitters and Nannies are able to take your children by taxi, on foot, or by public transportation to and from your home.
Do your Sitters and Nannies smoke?
Although some of our Sitters and Nannies are smokers, it is no question that smoking is absolutely forbidden in front of your children for the entire time while your Sitter is on duty. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your children being exposed to second-hand smoke from the Sitter.
If you would specifically like to have a non-Smoker come to your house, this is something that you can mention to us during your First Consultation, and we will absolutely keep that in mind when selecting the ideal caregiver for your Family.
About our Services
Is it possible to always have the same Sitter?
Since we understand the importance of routine in children’s lives, we make every effort to send the same Sitter each time. However, this isn’t always possible (due to scheduling challenges, unexpected illnesses, and emergency situations). There may be times when your regular babysitter is unavailable - but thanks to our interactive application, you are able to choose whether you would like to meet someone new, and we will promptly work on finding a replacement. Regardless of which babysitter comes to your home, rest assured that all of our babysitters meet our high level of standards, and will be notified of all of your children’s needs.
What if I don’t like the selected Sitter?
Satisfied Families are our utmost priority. We offer Free Consultations to all of our new clients, so that we can clearly see what your needs are and which qualities you are looking for in a potential Sitter.
In case you are not satisfied with your chosen Sitter, please do not hesitate to let us know. It will be our pleasure to match you with a Sitter who better matches your Family' s dynamics .
Can I get a Sitter with plenty of experience?
All of our Sitters have plenty of professional or personal experience, or relevant school in a field closely related to childcare. On top of this, all of our Sitters receive internal Babysitter Training where they receive additional resources for each age group, and they also receive First Aid training for your peace-of-mind. Rest assured, your Sitter will be well-equipped to take care of your children. Please keep in mind that a lot of experience does not necessarily mean that a Sitter will be the right fit for your Family. Sometimes, personality types, hobbies, and flexibility can play a more important role. However, if at any point during the process you feel that your Sitter is not the right fit for you, let us know, and we will find a replacement.
Can my Sitter pick my children up from school?
Absolutely! Our Sitters can pick up your children from school, from an after-school activity, from your office, from a friend’s house, or wherever else you would like. Please keep in mind that some schools and extracurricular programs require advanced notice and the Sitter’s ID card before releasing your child into their care; if this is the case, please let us know and we will prepare their documents for you accordingly.
Do you babysit children with developmental disorders?
Every child is equally special to us, including children who are differently abled. We have several Sitters on our team who have had experience with various conditions, and who may be perfect for your child.
If you require a special educator, please let us know about your child’s condition in as much detail as possible during your Free Consultation. What is important is honest communication between the Family and the Sitter – let us know what you need and we will be sure to follow your instructions carefully.
Do you have an age limit for the kids?
We have no lower or upper age limit for children. We can help you out with newborns straight out of the hospital, or with your teenagers who need supervision with doing their homework and getting to and from after-school activities.
Rest assured, we will send you a Sitter whose experience matches the age of your children, so she will know how to best spend quality time with them while she is on duty.
What is the minimum time for babysitting?
Our minimum Sitting session is 2 hours. This means that, even if you use our services for less than 2 hours (e.g. while you are at the gym or out running errands), we will be required to charged you for the 2-hour minimum. However, there is no maximum amount of hours you can use our services for – we even offer 24h, around-the-clock babysitting!
Who can participate in your group activities?
Outside of our regular babysitting and animation services, we also organize fun events for children to explore some of the wonders of Belgrade (such as Museum Night, Farm Day, Escape Rooms, Ceramics Workshops, etc).
Our goal is to provide an exciting day for the children, and to give them an opportunity to make new friends. Therefore, all children are invited to such events, even if your Family doesn’t regularly use our services. Feel free to invite anyone who you think may be interested – friends, relatives, neighbours. We’d love to meet you and have fun with you!
Do you price day and night sitting differently?
There is not a different rate between daytime and nighttime babysitting.

However, please note that for late-night Sitting, we do require the Family to provide either a ride or taxi fare home for the Sitter (therefore, late-night Sitting includes this additional cost).
How do I choose a package?
Since we offer a variety of different services tailored specifically to each Family’s needs, we recommend scheduling a Free Consultation (either in person, by phone, or via e-mail). During the Consultation, we will get a better idea of that is exactly your Family is looking for, and based on your responses, we can offer you the most affordable plan for your needs.
Do packages have an expiration date?
Your package can be used whenever you like and will never expire – think of the Packages like a bank account that you can use at your leisure. The only exception is if you have an ''inactive'' account where you haven't used our services for 1 year - in this case, there is a minimal charge of 2h in order to reactivate. Other than that, your hours are available for you for as long as you need them.
You can also gift hours from your Package to your friends or relatives in case you are leaving the country or no longer require our services.
How can I pay for the services?
Payment can be made both in-person and via online banking. Although our prices are in euros, you can also pay in Serbian dinars, based on the official exchange rate on the day of your purchase (based on the information provided by the National Bank of Serbia). At the moment, we do not have an option to pay in installments.
How can I reserve a Sitter?
The beauty of our process is that it only takes a few clicks to schedule a shift through our mobile application. Once you become our client and receive your log-in information for the app, all you need to do is input the date and time of your requested Sitting session and choose a preferred Sitter (if you have one) - then sit back and wait for a notification about your confirmed shift.
How long does the search process take?
The search process depends on the Family’s needs. In the case of emergency Sitting sessions, we can find you a Sitter in a very short time period. If you are looking for a regular part-time Sitter, the process could take a few days or up to one week. In this case, it takes us a little more time in order to find the ideal Sitter, whose availability, experience, and personality traits match your Family's needs .
if you are looking for a full - time Nanny, please allow yourself a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks to complete the Consultation, search process, and interview process . if you are unsure about which childcare option is right for you and how long your process will take, please do not hesitate to schedule a Free Consultation with us and we will give you an estimated time period .
What is included in your animation service?
Our animation services includes fun, energetic, and trained animators for your event, as well as prepared games previously approved by you. Also included in the price is the children’s music chosen especially for the event, as well as the cost of all animation materials required for the games. For an additional cost, we can organize birthday decorations, a birthday cake, or a Pinata. Our animation services do NOT include costumes for the animators or children, additional toys and materials which are not necessary for the preplanned activities, not presents/lootbags for the chidren.
Is there a minimum time I can hire animators for?
Yes. In order to make sure all the children are taken care of and having a great time, the minimum amount of animators required for any event is 2. For any larger group of children, we abide by our 5 children: 1 animator policy. The minimum amount of time you can hire our animators for is 2 hours.
What are animators responsible for while on duty?
Our animators are responsible for leading games and activities for the entire duration of their shift. They will lead the children through the activities, and make sure that every child is involved and having a fun time. In the case of younger children, animators can also help with washing hands and taking them to the bathroom. Animators are not usually responsible for typical babysitter duties such as changing diapers or feeding younger children; however, if this is something you require, please let us know when you book us for your event, and we will accommodate to all your needs.
For Babysitters’ Club Families
I can’t log in to my account. What should I do?
Our app and website are designed to make your experience with us faster, easier, and problem-free and our administration team is available to help you out with all technical difficulties! Although our app allows you to check the status of your account at any time, we are here to help in the case of uncertainties and forgotten passwords. Feel free to contact us via e-mail at babysitters.club@outlook.com whenever you need us.
How often do you update Families’ profiles?
Thanks to our app, your Account balnce will always be up-to-date and the shifts will be recorded as soon as they end and your Sitter reports them. Also, families are able to update their profiles whenever you see fit. These changes will automatically be updated inside our database so that we always have newest information about any changes regarding your children, address, contact number, pets, etc.
For those who want to join us
What criteria do I need to fulfill?
We are always looking for kind, energetic, and qualified individuals to join our team. Whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time job, you might be the right fit for one of our families since we offer various types of babysitting. Previous experience is a must, and it can be anything from taking care of the kids in your own family to working in playgrounds or schools and having professional babysitting experience. Also, a solid knowledge of English (spoken) is highly recommended. A degree/diploma in Early Childhood Education, Pedagogy, Psychology, Social Work, Speech Therapy, Medicinal Nursing, or other relevant field is also a big plus, but is not a requirement. Moreover, a genuine love of children, flexibility, openmindedness, energy, and motivation are important factors for us.
What is the payment process like?
Our team consists of both part-time Sitters and full-time Nannies. Part-time Sitters are paid directly through us, every two weeks.
Full-time Nannies receive their salaries directly from the Family which they work for, and the payment frequency depends upon the agreement with the Family (it can be weekly, bi-monthly, or once a month), clearly outlined in the contract which is signed at the beginning of your engagement.
Is it possible to only work as a Nanny?
If you are exclusively looking for a full-time Nanny position, you can still join our team. However, you will still need to undergo the same interview and training process as our part-time Sitters. We will notify you anytime we have a new full-time opportunity available that you can apply for.